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DNA Testing

It's in your genes. 

DNA is the blueprint of life. But, it's not a life-sentence, as many people make it out to be!


Genes can determine what foods you crave and how well your body manages fats, carbs and proteins.  They can tell you how you are likely to react to caffeine, lactose and gluten. 


By understanding your unique genetic code, you can learn which micronutrients most important for your body and health. You can learn the ratio of proteins, carbs and fats that works best for you.

Knowing all of this allows us to create actionable steps towards supporting our genes and how they are expressed, rather than simply guessing. 


This is why there is no one diet that fits all. 


DNA-Based Nutrition

Using a blend of a traditional holistic nutrition intake combined with DNA testing when creating a plan gives you an advantage - not only are your day to day lifestyle and nutrition habits addressed, but your genetic blueprint is provided so we can create the most specific and bio-individual plan possible - this plan is made specifically for who you are, right now. 

Online DNA Nutrition Package Includes : 

  • DNAPower Total Power Assessment 

  • 60 Minute Nutrition Intake

  • 60 Minute DNAPower Results Walkthrough ​​​

    • 170+ page report of your DNA

    • Three Part Action Step Plan Based on intake & DNA Report with nutrition, lifestyle and supplement suggestions

  • Two 40 Minute Follow Ups

    • Discuss progress​

    • Troubleshoot challenges

$925 CAD + gst

All sessions held on Zoom and must be used within 150 days of sign up

Are you a previous client? Contact us for more information

DNA testing can be provided as an add-on to in person sessions upon request or indication that it's right for you.

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