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Nutrition Success Made Easy.

Let's be honest - you've been meaning to "eat clean", whatever that means, for a while. But, what if it didn't have to be so hard? What if you had weekly goals laid out for you so it didn't have to be all or nothing.  And, what if these steps became lasting habits? That's why we need to start with the foundations. 

Foundational Nutrition Group Coaching

Join me for a 6 week online program to help you set up new routines for a new year. Together we will create a strong foundation of nutrition to help you reduce cravings, beat those afternoon energy crashes and give you a period of gentle elimination to help you start the year off feeling lighter. 


In this coaching program you will:

  • Create new habits to help you beat your sugar cravings and afternoon crashes

  • Learn about foundational nutrition habits that you can start to implement from day one

  • Receive weekly recipe booklets to inspire you to build healthy, easy meals 

  • Go through a gentle period of elimination, to help you feel lighter and more energetic

  • Walk away with new routines that will help you feel full, beat your cravings and reduce gas and bloating 


Hi, I'm Sidney!

I am a Certified Nutritionist with an interest in nutrition education. Whether I'm working with clients one one one, guiding group sessions or educating the next generation of nutritionists at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, my aim is to equip everyone I meet with the tangible tools they need to live well. 

When I'm not working with clients, I love cooking meals for family and friends, hunting down bean to bar chocolate in the Lower Mainland or searching for new dishes and sandy beaches in far off destinations. 


These days it seems like everything in the nutrition world is an all or nothing approach.

The worst part is it leaves you feeling like if you can't do it all at once, you shouldn't even start.

Fear not! To help you overcome this road block, we've broken the program down into six different weeks.

To help make sure you can achieve one manageable goal at a time and build a solid foundation


Pillar One: Education

Every Monday we will dive into the challenge of the week and the why behind it. 

Sessions are recorded in case you can't make it!

Handouts will be provided every week to keep you informed and recipe booklets will inspire you to create delicious and easy to prepare meals that follow our plan

Pillar Two: Check Ins

Every Friday we will check in to see how you've progressed. We will celebrate the wins and take a look at the challenges to see how we can better prepare you for the week ahead. 

You will hear from your fellow challengers to get inspired!

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Pillar Three : Supplemental Support


If you would like to dive deeper during our 2 week elimination, you may opt in for a 2 week supplement protocol to support your detoxification pathways. 

Completely optional, but encouraged if you would like to use this program as a cleanse.

Your Six Week Roadmap To Nutrition Success

Week One

Foundations I

You can't build a house without a foundation. Learn about one of the most important things for weight loss, cravings and health. 

Hint : Its NOT calories!


Week Three

Foundations III

You aren't what you eat - you are what you digest! Learn about how to improve digestion, in preparation for our gentle elimination

Image by Anda Ambrosini

Week Five

Elimination II

Removing processed foods can give your body time to do some housekeeping. We will dive deeper into how to support your elimination pathways to support detoxification

Image by Alex Lvrs

Week Two

Foundations II

Solidify your foundations by learning about how to prevent cravings by creating a balanced plate, and balancing blood sugar


Week Four

Elimination I 

Two weeks of gentle elimination - gluten and added sugars will be removed, to give your body and belly a break.

Image by Eiliv Aceron

Week Six


After a period of elimination, you body can be more sensitive to foods that haven't been eaten in a while. We will take the time to notice how some of those foods make you feel, and discuss how to take these new skills with you. 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦

See What Others Have To Say

Alright, ready for the details?


The program begins Monday February 5th and finishes on Friday March 15th.

We will have an online meeting every Monday & Friday morning.


MONDAYS - 7:00 - 7:30am. Ready for a mini nutrition lesson? Mondays we will dive into the challenge of the week, the why behind it, and most importantly, the how. You will receive your recipe booklet and handout guiding you through the week. 

FRIDAYS - 7:00 - 8:00am. Time to celebrate your wins, and go over your challenges. Consider this like "office hours" - how can I help prepare you for the coming week? How can you learn from your fellow challengers? 

So that everyone gets the most out of the program, registration will be capped at 10 people.

$450 CAD

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  • What If I Can't Make A Session?
    All sessions will be recorded, so if you can't make our sessions, the videos will be uploaded for you to watch later in the week.
  • I'm Vegetarian or Vegan. Can I Still Join This Program?
    Yes! If you are plant-based, your recipe booklets will be vegetarian or vegan. The same goals apply - balance!
  • Do I Have To Use Supplements On This Program?
    Nope. The main focus of this group program is to create healthy, long lasting routines that you can take with you long after this program is over. But, if you would like to use the period of elimination as a New Year's cleanse, we do have a supplemental protocol that you can opt in for, which will be shipped directly to your door! If that sounds like a heck yes, then you would follow the additional supplemental support handout for the two week elimination period.
  • Can I Use My Extended Health Benefits For This Program?
    Yes! If you have coverage for a nutritionist , then we can arrange your invoices so they can be submitted to your provider.
  • How Do I Apply For The Program?
    Simple! Just click the Apply Now button and follow the prompts to apply for your spot!
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