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Sidney Shindle


Certified Nutritionist

Sidney is the founder of Veritas Wellness. She is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and former national level synchronized swimming coach.


With a decade of coaching experience in the sports realm, she is able to apply the similar approaches to motivating clients to reach their health and wellness goals. She believes that by providing the right knowledge and tools, clients are able to develop and sustain their own foundation of good health. 

Through her work in professional kitchens as well as her love of travel, Sidney has a vast array of skills and knowledge about food, culinary techniques, spices and herbs. She believes that healthy food should never be boring and is happy to share her nutritious and tasty recipes with clients. 


Veritas Wellness was created out of a desire to share her love for real food and a healthy, well balanced lifestyle with local communities and businesses. She was inspired by her experiences in other countries, where whole foods and natural remedies are still deeply rooted in tight-knit communities. 


Sidney is an active member of the New Westminster community and believes that hands-on workshops and community events are an integral part of sharing her knowledge with others.

Sidney is currently : 

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