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Nutrition Consulting 

All sessions located at New West Wellness in New Westminster, BC. 

In person sessions are a great way to meet with your nutritionist face to face to discuss your health and wellness concerns. Online appointments are also available. 

All appointments are booked separately. To learn more about how our sessions work, click here. 


Targeted Testing

Understanding you who are as an individual is the most important part of making a plan - your unique background, lifestyle and current lifestyle habits can help us determine the long term and short term steps that we put into your plan. 

Sidney currently offers : 

  • DNA Testing

  • OAT (organic acid test)

    • Candida, Clostridium, Aspergillus ​

    • Mitochondrial markers

    • Water-soluble nutrients

    • Detoxification markers

  • Glyphosate Testing

  • Mycotoxin Testing

  • Toxic Non-Metal Chemical Testing

  • IgG Food Test + Yeast & Candida

Workplace Wellness

Ensure a work-life balance for your employees by providing informative lunch & learns and hands on sessions. 

We are proud to partner with Valeo Wellness, a modern workplace wellness company that brings innovative sessions to workplaces such as Pacific Blue Cross, City of North Vancouver, City of Coquitlam and more.

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