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Crafting a Savoury Elixir

While I love a good bulletproof latte in the morning, not everyone feels the same way. Sure there are turmeric lattes and adaptogen elixirs to help nourish and warm your body, but why stop at sweet elixirs, made with nut milks, coffee or cacao? If you're looking to add more savoury foods into your world, then this one is for you.

My savoury elixir came out of a moment of sadness - bone broth sadness. For those of you who enjoy a cuppa bone broth now and again, you understand that sometimes the film of fatty goodness on top is not what you're in the mood for. So out of curiousity and for the love of using my Vitamix, I poured my bone broth in the blender, added a bit of crushed rosemary, a pinch of salt and whipped it until it was frothy. The result? Blended bone broth with a rich layer of foam on top. The structure is exactly like a latte - creamy and rich - but made with nutrient dense bone broth!

The reason why I like adding bone broth to my diet is thanks to its nutrient content. By adding in additional herbs and spices, you are creating an even more nutrient-dense meal, making it what I deem to be an elixir. This bone broth latte can easily act as a meal replacement, as breakfast, as a snack or a perfect feel good food when you're under the weather.

The best part about making your own elxir is the amount of experimenting you can do is endless - chilli powder with garlic, sriracha and ginger, you name it, you blend it.

Try this easy savoury elixir to start and let your taste buds go from there!


(here's a fun cheet sheet for you guys)

Rosemary + Thyme + Black Pepper + 1/2 tbs Grass Ged Ghee {beef / lamb / pork}

Mexican Chilli Powder + Cayenne + Black Pepper {beef / lamb / pork / chicken}

Thai green curry + Ginger + Lemongrass {chicken / fish}

Ginger + Turmeric + Black Pepper {chicken}

Kelp / Sea Lettuce + Sea Salt (add miso or tamari for fish) {fish / chicken}



1 1/2 - 2 cups hot bone broth

1 pinch rosemary, fresh or dried

1 pinch sea salt or himalayan salt

fresh cracked pepper

Place all ingredients except pepper in your blender (ensuring your blender can handle hot liquids)

Start on low and slowly increase speed until on high. Whip for 10-15 seconds.

Pour into a mug and top with freshly cracked pepper. Sip, savour, repeat.

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