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Setting Goals and Creating Intentions

Are you a New Year's goal setter? Or maybe you've long abandoned the idea of starting fresh on January 1st. ⁠

No matter if you set goals on the first of the year or on a random Monday, there are a few things to remember. ⁠

#1 - Wanting to shift, wanting to make change is the first step. Always. ⁠

#1.5- Why you want to make change is a huge part of whether or not you will make lasting change. Why? If you come from a place of lack or self-loathing, with simple statements that make that the focus [ I want to lose weight, I want to eat better, I want to more energy] then you get stuck focusing on exactly that! Set goals and intentions that focus on the outcome. ⁠

⁠#2- Setting goals and setting intentions are a bit different.

Goals setting is action oriented, with deadlines, specifics and tangible steps. Goals should be set in a SMART way (time sensitive, measurable, relevant, specific, attainable)

Intentions, on the other hand, are more flexible. Intentions are the thing we want to do, what we desire to do, what we want to bring to fruition and can even be the goals we want to achieve, but without all the steps. Intentions can allow you to lean in that direction and focus energy on your wants and goals.

Remember that both can be useful.

Some feel as if goals can be too rigid. That if they fail to accomplish it on time, or don't give it 100% of their effort, that the whole thing was pointless. If they don't achieve their goal, it's better to quit and not try again.

For others, the flexibility and non time-sensitive nature of intentions can feel too broad and wishy washy, making them feel like they're not accomplishing their goals or achieving their desires.

#3 - No matter the goal or intention, allow yourself the flexibility to accept any failures (and successes) that may come up along the way.

Remember #1 - simply wanting to make a shift if the first step. Then comes another baby step, and another. Keep going. Some days you will take more steps than others. Some you will go backwards! ⁠

But never forget that by simply taking those steps, you've accomplished more than you did before. ⁠

As we dive head first into the exciting unknown of 2021, keep that thought tucked away for later. You never know when you might need it. ⁠

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