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The Best Gluten-Free Date Squares

Perfection in a 9x9 tin.

Ever find yourself stuck on repeat?  Wake up, work, eat, sleep and then do it all over again. We've all been there.

A few days I threw caution to the wind and changed my schedule around. I woke up late on a Thursday, went to the gym, cleaned and then had a friend over for coffee and an afternoon of recipe testing. While we assembled these date squares and drank coffee, we ended up having one of those epic conversations that comes about for no reason, but leaves you feeling awesome. You know the ones. The ones where you laugh, cry, debate life and most importantly, feel open to share those thoughts about life and existence you usually keep for your talks with yourself in your car. ( I can't be alone on that one!) The afternoon left me refreshed, recharged and with an amazing tray of date squares! I can't guarantee this recipe will bring you the same level of conversation, but I can promise you they make a great reason to call a friend over to share them with! Enjoy them warm if you can't wait for them to cool down like me, or let them cool down so they set nicely. 

The Best Gluten Free Date Squares 1 1/2 cup almond flour 2 cups gluten free rolled oats 2/3 cup coconut sugar 1/2 cup grass-fed butter pinch himalayan salt pinch cinnamon 2 1/2 - 3 cups medjool dates 1 cup water 2 tsp vanilla pinch himalayan salt 1 tsp fresh squeezed orange juice 1 tbs orange zest Method Makes 16 bars​ Preheat Oven to 350 f​ For the Dough​ *without a food processor* In a medium bowl combine all ingredients except butter. Mix until well combined. Cut cold butter into chunks and mix in with your fingers, taking care to not melt it. Once the dough starts to crumble together, you've mixed enough. ​*With a food processor* Combine all ingredients except butter and pulse until well incorporated. Add in cold butter in small chunks and pulse until barely combined. ​Filling In a medium to large sauce pan cook pitted dates over medium heat with water, orange juice and salt. Stir occasionally to break up the mixture and help smooth it out. Once the filling is smooth, remove from heat and stir in vanilla. Assembly​ Line an 9x9 pan with parchment. Place 2/3 of dough mixture on the bottom, pressing down to set it in place. Add filling, pressing down to flatten it. Crumble remaining dough on top and pat it down. Try to cover the filling completely. Bake for 25-35 minutes, until the top is golden. Allow to cool down and cut into squares. Keeps for 1 week in an airtight container​

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