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Welcome to Veritas Wellness.

Meet Sidney

Certified Nutritionist

Sidney is a Certified Nutritionist with an interest in nutrition education. Whether she is working with clients 1-1, teaching in a corporate setting or education the next generation of nutritionists at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, her aim is to equip her students with the tangible tools they need to live well. 

When Sidney isn't working with clients, she is cooking meals for family and friends, hunting down bean to bar chocolate in the Lower Mainland or searching for new dishes and sandy beaches in far off destinations. 


I Specialize In


Manage IBS / IBD and other GI conditions with personalized nutrition and supplement plans.

Stress and Fatigue

Get back to baseline by addressing nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Women's Health

​Balance your cycle, alter painful periods and move through menopause with ease. 

Nutrition Plans

Our meal plans are designed with you in mind, based off your goals and the results of any tests provided or taken

Work with your DNA and targeted test results to learn how to create a truly personalized wellness plan

Weight Loss

Learn how to create actionable steps for lasting change.

Sports Nutrition

Take your training to a new level with a customized protocol and meal plan.

Two Amazing Clinic Locations in Burnaby
& New Westminster

Virtual Appointments

Enjoy Any Of My Services From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

In Person & Virtual Services For The Modern Workplace

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